What will Bitcoin mining be like in 2021?

The first is related to the rampant growth of the main coin of the digital market – bitcoin.

Second, in May, Beijing called for a tough suppression of cryptocurrency mining. It has become unprofitable for the Celestial Empire to maintain a huge number of crypto specialists, the extraction of which still requires a colossal amount of resources. Just before the beginning of this year, almost 60% of the world’s bitcoin miners worked in the country.


And now most of them are striving to find an alternative for themselves, moving to Canada and America.

Cryptocurrency mining with the help of video cards is considered the most convenient scheme and is supported by the popularity of the most popular Ethereum. In addition, it retains high growth rates. The cards have a long service life, and the algorithm is easy to change. Here you can also mine up to this point, taking into account the increase in the size of the DAG file (it stores the entire history of transactions in the network). Videocards with a small number of memory (2-3 GB) will no longer work. By the way, disabling such GPUs and the reason is that mining ETH in a home environment is still profitable. Of great importance is the cost of electricity – if the price is too high, the profit will be very low or almost zero. In this case, it is best to stop mining or find a place with cheap taps. But on one video card you can’t name a lot of one of the alternatives that can give a second breath to “home” miners – combining into local pools. This option can help you to place farms in one place and negotiate a favorable price for electricity. Of course, it will help regulate the production of cryptocurrencies at a legal level.

Pay attention to the mistakes of the newbie trader, they are similar in many types of financial operations. And make the appropriate conclusions. Who is interested in the momentary report – it is certainly best not to get involved in this matter. The payback of mining is a long process. For the given moment it is an excellent opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but many of them were disappointed in it. For example, those who believe that everything is stabilized, in the result they will remove all the cream. Does it make sense to start mining newbies? Those who cannot optimize the process of mining in order to work in positive territory, must pause to take action, even to fully utilize the power. In this way, it is possible to observe the tendency of transferring the technicians for the extraction of cryptocurrencies from the previous hype and who wanted to get some cookies, to which The non-intangibility of the mining does not cause any particular speed. It is necessary to optimize the operation of the device in such a way that it does not go out of the range of optimality. It is possible to see large investors entering the niche of the present, waiting for the radiation arrived later. To the same, thanks to the plunged market, the last month has fallen and the difficulty of production. And this is another plus for those who continue to get coins. It is possible to include and purchase the newest equipment in the calculation for future documents. But only then, if you intend to continue to find yourself in this niche, and the resources are not the last.

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