Crypto signals

Why have crypto signals gained so much popularity in telegram?

One of the types of trading recommendations is crypto signals telegram. These are special bots that provide timely information from the source to the trader. They can also be paid and free. The advantages are efficiency and ease of use. But, of course, the quality of information from telegram signals is recommended to be checked according to the following parameters: reputation on the Internet, quality of research, availability of reporting and support services. read more

Buy bitcoin

Is now a good time to buy bitcoin?

Find the right time to buy

In theory, it makes sense to invest when the price of an asset is low and then sell it when it peaks. However, this is much more complicated than it sounds. Timing in the market is incredibly tricky, and with cryptocurrencies it is even more difficult because these investments are much more volatile than traditional stocks.Cryptocurrency prices are changing rapidly, so it is almost impossible to try to find the perfect moment to buy. If you buy now because it looks like prices have bottomed out, chances are they could drop even more and you are investing too early. But if you wait too long, prices can skyrocket and you miss your opportunity. Cryptocurrencies also don’t have a proven track record like stocks, so one can only guess if these currencies will recover from the downturn. read more

How to identify

Top 3 projects how to identify a promising crypto project?

To make money on investing in new tokens, or at least not to lose money on it, it is important to choose the right promising projects. Well-known representatives of the crypto-industry told how to do this and what to look for. Development team. They must have knowledge, experience and understanding of the market, this is an important criterion. As an example, the project of Pavel Durov, whose team in many ways became the key to the success of the implementation of TON and helped to attract investments. Although the project was closed due to a ban issued by a US court. read more