Benefits Of At Home STD Testing Kits

Walking into a clinic and getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases can be embarrassing and thus difficult for most people. For this reason, most people end suffering in silence, only to visit a doctor when their health has worsened.
Sexually transmitted diseases such as genital herpes, syphilis, Chlamydia and even HIV can easily be tested from home. As technology advances, the health industry is coming up with new and improved ways to diagnose diseases, some of which don’t require a visit to the clinic.

Convenience and Privacy

The symptoms of most STDs are quite obvious and it wouldn’t take a professional to tell you that something is wrong. However, there are different medications for different STDs. In order to get the right treatment, you’d first have to understand what you are suffering from. With home STDs testing kits, you can easily find out what is ailing you and get treatment before things get out of hand. You can do this safely and privately from home and save yourself a lot of trouble.

Get Accurate Results

There are many STD home testing kits on the market and most of them are manufactured by reputed companies. You are therefore guaranteed the same results you’d get in a certified lab. However, you’d need to be careful when buying these kits and ensure you are getting the best ones. You can learn more about this at

Test With your Partner

Most people in monogamous relationships are at less risk of getting STDs. However, it’s still a smart idea to get tested together and know your health status. Some STDs can remain dormant in the body for years and may not be detected with a single test. Testing regularly ensures you are safe at all times.

Cheaper Option

Home STD testing kits are not as expensive as tests done in a lab. You can test yourself from home, and once you figure out what infection you have, you will simply research on the best treatment for the condition. There are different kinds of antibiotics on the market, some of which are expensive while others are affordable. Doctors will usually prescribe expensive doses where a cheaper alternative would have had the same results.