A Review On Hair Follicle Testing

With the groundbreaking advances in scientific research, ways of performing drug tests have also broadened. Various methods are used to detect drug abuse in people. For hair follicle testing, this homepage provides information on how it is the most used technique.

What is Drug Testing?

Drug testing is the process where laboratory technicians conduct tests to ascertain if there is there are any traces of drugs in a person’s body. Sometimes, this technique is used to detect the use of illegal drugs in people. Specimens used are blood, sweat, mouth swab and many others. Drugs tested include alcohol, morphine, cocaine, marijuana, heroin and many others.

Which Groups of People Undergo the Tests?

Many organizations use hair follicle testing when recruiting new employees. Mostly, companies use this technique where the law demands workers to be drug-free. Also, sports associations employ this medical procedure in detecting the use of steroids by athletes, footballers, and even swimmers.

What are the Widely Used Types of Drug Testing?

Methods used in performing this test vary depending on accuracy, urgency, and sensitivity of the drug tested. Also, the amount of the drug in the system is also an essential factor to consider. Nonetheless, hair follicle drug testing seems to be very effective.

It is useful because the drug abused can be detected within three months. The examples of substances stated in this homepage cocaine, phencyclidine, marijuana and much more. In cases of alcohol abuse where hair follicle testing is not applicable, mouth swab testing applies. Urine and saliva drug tests are also applicable.

Benefits of this Medical Procedure

Rehabilitation centers used this technique to monitor the progress of the clients. Information on this homepage also discusses how procedures such as hair follicle testing have helped companies in employing productive workers. Altogether, it has improved the government put regulations on illegal drugs hence reducing incidences of substance abuse.

The Future of Drug Testing

Researchers have proved that hair follicle testing is a very effective process drug testing technique. Drugs are trapped in hair follicles hence ease of examination. Test kits are also becoming more advanced. Moreover, technology is speeding up the procedures involved.